I was advised by my tutor to look at more contemporary artists, which has now been addressed and found it has improved my awareness of how is art in today’s context. She had given some artists to look at and particularly like the work of Iris Van Herpen. Whilst there are some that were not liked, there is a lot that I did.

However some artists did not inspire me as felt they were not art as I perceive it. I lean towards the more decorative work. However saying that, feel I have a greater understanding of the ideas behind the work and found a number of useful things that could be incorporated into ideas of my own. Such as Metaphors, which are leaning towards the literature side. The research undertaken has allowed my personal voice to has started to emerge especially with the idea of metaphors. I like the idea of using poetry as well, with the use of words (something that I haven’t explored yet).

I also was advised not to rely on using a pencil for all of my work, so have experimented more with Acrylic, water soluble crayons and collage. This has been beneficial as it is not as controlled as the pencil and creates more spontaneous work, and in some ways quicker in application allowing me to create numerous pictures.

In using different media, I have become more aware of colour, which I have found difficult in the last course and somewhat in the last assignment has also allowed me to be more creative and think about composition and how this can affect the design process, whether good or bad. In choosing a variety of materials to work with has allowed me to produce more work, with confidence.

Presentation previously was an issue and wasn’t sure how to approach this, but I have more clarity now in keeping my work neat and tidy. I still have to work at this though and to judge where to put something and is it relevant. My ideas are starting to reveal themselves and have a number of ideas for an end piece. However, communicating what I would like to achieve is still a little difficult.

I am beginning to realize that I am environmentally aware and like to recycle materials, so that is important to me. Also it is revealing that I like to make things that are pleasing to eye.

At the start of the course, having looked through the manual, I felt the exercises were pointless, but I’m beginning to understand the relevance of these experiments and have produced a lot of variety with the use of different materials. On reflection to the work, I am pleased with the outcome which has generated a lot of ideas, making me think outside of the box.

I was advised not to document everything, but I feel this shows gives a greater understanding of the pieces worked. Although it is extra work, I enjoy this part of the process. Adding to my blog wherever possible, helps keep it is fresh in my mind, which has given me more clarity.

I preferred the wrapping samples as it gives endless possibilities, whilst I felt a little constrained in joining as it adds shape and contrast. I feel the materials have been varied and show some interesting results, which have aided the process of how I see them, visual. Designing has become easier as a result.

Colour has been enhanced and made me think of different ideas as a result. Also the arrangement of some of the samples have shown new perspective when arranging certain colours and placement.
I feel that I have achieved good samples generally with a few that have not worked, either due to materials used or composition. the better samples, was the balloon with a knitted scarf. The overall effect of this, generated lots of ideas. The only downside was the lifespan of it. This is explained previously.

The one that I didn’t like was the spoon with safety pins, and it was because it lacked subsidence. An example of I have learnt a lot during this section, with new techniques and has increased my knowledge as a result. I feel my blog is set out well as indicated by my tutor. I have gathered insight into the value of what I am now doing. The samples show concepts which I have indicated in each sample and given an impression of how I can push these ideas further.

I have been more mindful of time management as this was a problem due to work and illness but feel I have improved the way I work and feel happier and more confident.

The hardest part to the course is being critical, and is something that I am not comfortable with. I found Bono’s thinking hats and this has been extremely useful in evaluating work undertaken. Judging my work and deciding whether it was good or bad is difficult has been a little easier with this method. It has given me a greater understanding of the design process. I have a problem with criticism in my work and that sometimes hampers my decisions. However, with the feedback previously given that has given me confidence to experiment more. Looking at the course criteria has allowed me to have more clarity in the way that I approach things and raise the standard of my work.

Overall I have enjoyed this section and has allowed me to be freer in the way I work.
I look forward to the next part of the course.



Author: huggywitch

I have been doing textiles for a number of years and recently started my degree. I have always had an interest in theatre costume design and this is where my passion lie.

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