Reflectory Commentary

After the last tutor report I decided to re-evaluate how I work. It was suggested that smaller regular posts should be created on the blog, which has been addressed. Also not to add irrelevant material to the work,which has helped me to focus on the task in hand and not to get distracted.

Research has been informative to my work enabling exploration of ideas that weren’t considered (techniques/materials/etc) and underpinning reasons why an artist works. Which makes me think why do I want to create a piece of art, and for what purpose?

By adhering to the brief, there was more clarity in how to tackle each process and requirement clearly. There is also a realisation why the work didn’t connect with the windows in the last assignment, and feel my work has evolved immensely because of this.

The range of materials used was varied and adapted well to the techniques used. Quality varied from good (plaster) to not so good (polymer pellets), as is explained in the blog. This quality aided the working process allowing exploration of different compositions, with good results.

The samples made translated well into drawings and generated ideas for future consideration. There was an advisory on using different media for drawing and feel that this has been useful, especially with the pastels, that gave an earthy ‘texture’ to the pictures, similar to the clay.

I gave a lot of thought to how presentation in my work could be improved, with pop out booklets, e.g. inspired from the folding section. I felt this enabled me to work on a smaller scale as opposed to larger scale. I felt this was my strongest assignment, in terms of quality and knowledge and how I have applied them to produce some exciting samples. I have a new confidence in my work and feel able to experiment freely, especially with the plaster.

These samples have helped to organize my thoughts and produce, what I feel is a more comprehensive sketchbook lacking in previous assignments. The experiments has allowed more clarity in my work and enabled me to pursue, convey my ideas and thought processes better. And as a result I feel more competent in my ability, rather than focusing on the samples that didn’t work.

I have also gained new insight into contemporary artists, rather than my preference to the decorative arts. I feel there is a simplicity in  this, that would allow work to be done quickly. I have found in my sampling that also simple designs have been effective, especially the balloon bowl, which I am immensely proud of.



Author: huggywitch

I have been doing textiles for a number of years and recently started my degree. I have always had an interest in theatre costume design and this is where my passion lie.

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